We had the pleasure of working on this brand spanking new Jeep Gladiator 2021! This puppy is ready for the beach, BBQ, off-roading, Semana Santa, road trips, ranch trips, or all of the above!
This 2021 Jeep has….
  • Soundigital 1600 Watt Amp
  • DB Drive Xpert 400watt X4 Amp
  • Metra Jeep Speaker pods
  • Custom D-tronics box for (4)6.5″ Subwoofers
  • (4) *BRAND NEW* 6.5″ DB DRIVE NEW Subwoofer
  • Epicenter for the banda & corridos
  • DB Drive Sound processor-Produces the cleanest sound EVER
  • 3M Crystalline Windshield
  • 3M Ceramic IR front windows
If you’re looking for a custom install call D-Tronics, the car audio experts, and we can help your car BOOMING on sick beats and be protected on the go!
D-Tronics car audio experts! Come to any D-Tronics location in Edinburg, McAllen, Harlingen or Brownsville & we can help get your car set up!