1. You Reduce Your UV Ray Exposure

It stands to reason that things in excess will surely result in consequences. Especially serious consequences if it comes to your overall health. Over exposure to UV rays can cause anything between sunburn, premature aging, suppression of the immune system, damage to your skin, and even skin cancer.

When you let one of our D-Tronics specialists professionally install your window tint you can shield up to 99% of UV rays, which is no easy feat given our crazy Valley heat!

2. Increased Privacy

The most obvious and popular advantage of window tint is clearly (no pun intended) increased privacy. And while this option may hold true as more of an “aesthetic” reason than security purposes, we at D-Tronics would like to bust that myth. Under normal circumstances, car burglar’s are more likely to commit a theft when they’re able to see what’s inside your vehicle. Now, we understand window tint alone will not guarantee theft prevention, but we believe any steps taken towards the protection of your vehicle adds up and in the long run can yield very beneficial results.

3. Provides A Cool and Comfortable Interior

If you want to quickly and effectively reduce the heat inside your car, then window tint is your next move. Statistically speaking, your traditional glass windows only really filter about 30% of solar heat. Our 3M, professionally-installed window tint can filter more than 80% of heat! However, the real benefit of number three on our list is the comfortable and luxuriously cool conditions during our Valley heat. We’re not gonna lecture you on exactly how hot that feels (we’re sure you’re aware) but trust us it sure is nice getting back in your car on your drive to lunch knowing that your interior is not 115º. Plus, your car’s interior will thank you in the long run (think of that resale value when your leather interior looks just as pristine as the day you bought your car).

4. Safety

Did you know? Tinted windows protect the glass from shattering in case of an accident. This little known fact can really come in handy in the event of an accident or break in, as the film will hold the glass firmly, preventing from shattering. Window film is a laminate, and when applied to your vehicle’s windows, it will hold the glass window together to provide an entirely sealed unit!

Note: It’s important that you get accustomed to the traffic rules within your jurisdiction to avoid breaking the law (i.e. window tint that is too dark).



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