The Summer months are in full effect here in the RGV! Your hot, we get it! So is your car. You could literally bake cookies inside a car that just sits, baking, in the sun all afternoon. How can you help? Easy, 3M Automotive Window Films from D-Tronics. D-Tronics is the exclusively provider of 3M Window Film in the RGV and they can help cool your car with 3M Window Film.

Our experts can add 3M Window Film to your car typically the same day, and get you rolling. Our studies show a car with 3M Window Film can keep a car drastically cooler, saving you from that burning feeling when you get into a car without tint.

Plus 3M Window Film has been approved by the National Skin Cancer Foundation, because it blocks 99.99% of harmful UV Rays, with an SPF of 1000!

For more info about 3M Window Film for your car, contact any D-Tronics location!