DB Drive EUPHORIA Amp with Built In Sub


Check out this sweet, new, All-In-One AMP & SUB Combo from DB Drive’s Euphoria team! This bad boy is perfect for under the seat, when you’re in a compact car or truck! It’s got a 550 Watts of Dynamic Power Handling, Dual Passive Radiators for added bass, and a slew of other things.

This bad boy is perfect, if you don’t want to be heard from two blocks away, but you do just want a little extra UMPH in your car’s bass. Best part is it’s about the size of a Laptop computer! Seriously!

It’s less than 3 INCHES thick, and only 13.6″x 9.64″. Best part, we sell it AND install it at D-Tronics for only $299! Yep. Just $299 to get that little extra bass in your car so you can feel the music… and since it fits under your seat, it takes practically no space!


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