Figuring Out What You Need

The “ideal” car audio system is not necessarily the loudest one, or the most expensive one. It’s the one that best meets your needs. So, the first step is to figure out what your needs are. Start off by asking yourself: what is the one thing you want your new car stereo to do for you? If you don’t come up with an answer right away, then start by taking a look at your current system.

What Type Of System Do You Have Now?

First things first. Crank up your stereo. How does it make you feel? Does it sound flat, dull, too much bass, not enough bass? The good news is that you have a lot of options at D-Tronics!

Replace Your Speakers

Most factory-installed car speakers are made of lightweight paper or other cheap-to-produce materials. Even “premium” factory speakers tend to wear down and distort a lot faster than aftermarket speakers, so even if they sounded good when you bought the car, they’ve probably dropped off a bit over the years.

A new set of D-Tronics speakers will improve the entire range of your sound, from deeper bass to more well-defined highs. Best of all, the D-Tronics team can install them for you, so you don’t have to lift a finger!

Aftermarket speakers are made with higher-quality materials, so they’ll give you much better sound and increased durability. D-Tronics sells a mess of great speakers from DB Drive, JL Audio, Quantum Audio, Sony, JBL & more!

Does Your Music Need More Oomph

If your system lacks that little extra, chances are you need an amplifier… Amps can bring new life to your music!

Do You Want To Feel The Music?

Check out the D-Tronics Subwoofers! Our subs will make sure you can def feel it, and maybe even your neighbors a few blocks away can too!

No matter what you’re looking for, our staff at D-Tronics can help get you going! Come by any of our four locations today: Edinburg, McAllen, Harlingen & Brownsville!