The Good
The Viper SmartStart + SmartKey system is pretty amazing. It adds hands-free unlocking to cars along with the ability to remotely lock or unlock the doors from anywhere in the world. As long as you have a connection to the Internet on your phone, you can lock, unlock, or even start your car! The GPS features also show where you parked your car and it will let you share your car’s location with family & friends. Also the APP is very well built, easy to navigate, and can show you so many other things besides a remote start and stop.

The Bad
Remote unlocking or locking with the app, through the data connection, takes much longer than with a key or Viper’s included RF fob. Setting the Bluetooth proximity unlocking for SmartKey requires a lot of trial and error.

The Bottom Line
While Bluetooth proximity unlocking and the GPS locator features of Viper SmartStart and SmartKey come in handy, it is a fairly big installation and will apply to limited scenarios and vehicles.

D-Tronics sells the Viper SmartStart Remote + Security System for only $199.99! Come to any D-Tronics location in Edinburg, McAllen, Harlingen or Brownsville & we can help get your car set up!


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